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  6. There are some foods you should avoid feeding your parrot because they are intrinsically too toxic. Foods that are toxic because of contamination with bacteria, fungi or mycotoxin are not included in this list. Almost all plant origin foods that people eat on a regular basis contain some residual toxicity, otherwise insects and other pests would destroy them. This is because plants must remain fixed in one location and cannot move away from their predators leaving an unacceptable taste or toxins are their only defense. Most of the plants people have domesticated have low levels of toxins. Civilizations have selected them because of their low toxicity or they have learned how to counter the toxicity by cooking or other means. While these plants may still possess a small amount of toxicity, they are unlikely to affect your bird. However, birds are much smaller than a person and the amount of toxin needed for an adverse effect is likely to be proportionately less. There are very few controlled studies in parrots of any of the foods in this list. If there are, I have tried to find and reference them. Unfortunately, most of the information is anecdotal or extrapolated from known toxicity in other species. In compiling this list, I first tried to find reports of toxicity for parrots, failing that, in other avian species. If there were none for birds I looked for toxicity in mammals, including people.

  7. Juicing, Juicing, Juicing – seems like I am always touting the benefits of juicing organic fruits and vegetables but their importance for health cannot be stressed sufficiently. Make sure you have a great juicer though, as not all juicers are designed to keep the living enzymes within your expensive organic produce alive! Here’s a great one , this is the one I use. Live juices can help to heal, rejuvenate, and flush away toxins. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices are the cleansers, energizers, regenerators, and blood builders of the human body. Try any combination of beet (great blood cleanser), kale, spinach, carrot, cucumber, apple, ginger and pineapple (both great anti-inflammatories). Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries are full of antioxidants and help to cleanse the blood of impurities.